2022 – The Sky is the Limit!

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about transformation and evolution. Nothing ever stays the same and things are always changing and evolving. Sometimes this is just through the passage of time and other times it is a conscious and deliberate adjustment to our thinking that creates the transformation.

The New Year is a great time to consciously reflect on one’s why – how we think and do things – and it’s a wonderful time to let go of the thoughts, feelings and actions that are not helping us or serving our higher self well. This year we have also had the New calendar year falling with a New Moon, thus amplifying any intentions we make moving into this new year.

Have you set any intentions or goals for 2022?

Mine has been to take control of my body and my patterns of eating, to really listen to my body and respond by consuming foods that help my body and avoiding those ones I know make me feel unpleasant. This is not about weight loss for me, but more about feeling good in my body as it is. I have avoided doing this for many years and eaten out of habit and the bliss of bread lol but I know this is not good for me and I feel so much better having taken a good look at my consumption and adjusting my intake. I can tell you, already I feel much better and my Asana yoga practice is feeling much better also. I am back in the gym and really prioritising my own health. I have never been so regularly sick as I was in 2021 and I don’t want that for 2022.

In terms of CYS, I have had some great ideas as to how we can move forward and rebuild. They are subtle shifts, but I am hopeful that they will help us welcome more new students and create a clearer path for them as they embark on their yoga journey. For our regular students there are a few new opportunities to dive deeper into practice should you choose.

All in all, it’s a time to innovate, reinvent,
get inspired and let go of limited thinking.

Following is a short practice to help you “let go” and “invite the new”

  • Take some time to sit quietly and settle into the rhythm of your breath.

  • Take your time and allow your body and mind to settle in and become quieter and still.

  • When you are ready begin to focus on your exhalation, feeling the releasing quality of the exhalations. You might add the mantra “let go” as you exhale.

  • When you feel complete, take some time to just sit and feel the space left behind.

  • When you are ready begin to focus your attention on the inhalation, feeling the energising qualities of the inhalation.

  • You may repeat the mantra “I invite” or “inspiration” or any other word you can think of to invigorate and inspire you.

  • When you feel complete allow yourself to sit quietly and feel the resonance left behind.

  • Place your hands on your heart and take a few deep breaths into your heart space to complete the practice.