Feeling stressed, tired or tense?

Yoga can help you reduce stress, improve vitality,
and squeeze out tension through movement and breath.

Learning how to practice yoga safely can help you achieve mental relaxation,
increased energy levels, and a supple, responsive body ready to take on the challenges of life.

Our expert teachers guide you through the principles of safe practice including breath awareness,
the use of props, and fundamental shapes to help you feel comfortable on the mat.

Yoga is an ancient practice that still offers an ideal way to manage the challenges of modern life.

Through movement, breath and mindfulness feel yourself transform one class at a time.

1 Class a Week for 4 Weeks


7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

Current Course: 5th June 2024

Next Course Starts: 3rd July 2024 $99*

*Use the code EARLY by the 30th June (RRP $111)


This 4-week course is designed to teach you the Fundamentals of yoga – breathing, basic shapes using the sequences of the Sun Salutation, and experience with props and helpful modifications. You will learn about yoga philosophy and how this weaves into the physical practice. We hope this course inspires you to practice yoga regularly to gain the most benefit and help you to breathe better, move better, and feel better.

People doing yoga ars stretched in welcome


Learn a common sequence of movements used in yoga classes across the globe: Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation.

This sequence will

  • raise your heart rate and body temperature
  • engage every major joint in your body
  • strengthen and stretch your whole body in a safe, accessible and adaptable way.

If you have not attended Canberra Yoga Space before please be sure to complete the Registration Form.


BOOK YOUR CLASSES – be sure to book into your preferred class as soon as you can.  You can review your schedule by logging into your account via our website.

CANCELLING A CLASS – if you cannot attend a class you have booked please cancel your booking as soon as you can or, at the latest, 2 hours before the class starts. This gives the next person on the waitlist, who will receive an automated email, enough time to travel to class.

WHEN TO ARRIVE – Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class is scheduled to start to ensure you are signed in and ready to start on time. Please ensure the teacher signs you in upon arrival. Arriving late is distracting for the teacher and fellow students.

Store your belongings – Place all personal items, including your shoes and your mobile phone, in one of the pigeon holes inside our locker room for safekeeping and to prevent any obstructions on the floor (the locker room is located in the back left corner when you enter the studio).

Note 1: Shoo your shoes – Practice is done barefoot or in socks. To ensure the space is clean and safe for everyone, please store your shoes in the locker room.

Note 2: Mobile phones are not required in class and should be turned off or on silent and placed in your locker. Should you need your phone for any reason, please notify your teacher so they may be prepared for any interruption.

Set up your mat and props – grab a mat and any required props (as indicated by your teacher) from the storage area to the left of the alter. Your teacher will have their own mat set up with the props needed for that session. Props and equipment are provided by the studio, although you are welcome to bring your own if you choose. If you have knee trouble, we recommend doubling up with two mats for extra cushioning.

Align your mat with the floor markers – Blue mat markers are visible on the floor and skirting board. They indicate two configurations. Once your teacher indicates which configuration is being used, line up your mat against the appropriate marker. This helps ensure you and your fellow students have the space you need to practice. Position props in front of your mat to allow yourself free movement to your left and right side.

INJURY & ILLNESS – If you have an injury, illness or other condition that may affect your practice, kindly let your teacher know. Each pose can be modified to suit your body’s requirements.
If you are experiencing any physical discomfort during or after class, please inform your teacher immediately.

ARE YOU PREGNANT? – The Beginners’ Yoga Course is not designed for pregnant women. Many poses are inadvisable. If you are pregnant, we recommend you attend our Prenatal Yoga Course, which you can begin after the first trimester (12 weeks).

COVID HYGIENE – Canberra Yoga Space follows public health advice to maintain a Covid Safe environment.

Please ensure you wash or sanitise your hands before entering and after leaving the studio. Hand Sanitiser has been provided on the front bench and in the locker room. Please be sure to clean any borrowed/shared props, mats and blocks with the spray or wipes provided. At this time we prefer you use your own mat. It can be placed over the top of a studio mat for more cushioning.

Please do not attend class if you are sick, symptomatic or a close contact of someone with Covid19.

If you have any more questions about the course, don’t hesitate to EMAIL THE STUDIO.


6/13 Botany St,
Phillip ACT 2606

Canberra Yoga Space is located on the first floor