6:30pm Friday

Meditation is a powerful practice that can ground, centre and reduce stress in today’s over-stimulated world. Many people would like to meditate, but feel that it is just too hard with their busy minds and hectic lifestyle. This class is dedicated to creating an experience of meditation that is achievable and enjoyable in your everyday life. It will be beneficial to new and practised meditators alike.

Guided by CYS’s extensive bodyworker, meditation teacher and healer, Eli Haski, this class presents the perfect opportunity to begin or continue your journey to de-stress and quieten your mind.

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices are extremely well documented. Meditation is scientifically shown to increase happiness, wellbeing and a sense of control. It also is known to reduce stress and the risk of major health issues.

This class presents a progressive approach to experiencing and enjoying meditation! It includes the use of sound therapy, using quartz crystal chakra singing bowls, guided relaxation and yoga nirda.

Experience A Meditation