The temperature has dropped and perhaps so has the enthusiasm to practice. In these cooler month, especially in Canberra, it can be hard to find the motivation to venture out, but this is a prime to build heat and strength in your practice. You might find trying a stronger practice helps to build that inner fire, or perhaps slowing right down and tuning in deeply with a more restorative practice is the key. Whatever you body is telling you, listen deeply and respond.

This week I have been thinking about self care and what that looks like. No doubt our yoga practice is up there in our practice of self care, but what else do you do? I like to bring this idea of self care into all I do. I try to eat in a way that is nourishing and caring for my body. I struggle with this so much of the time and eat what my cravings tell me I want, and am more and more stopping in that moment to reflect on the need for such food vices, are they nourishing and serving me well, or do they keep me trapped in a cycle of self sabotage.

I’ve brought detoxifying practices into my day with skin brushing and am currently doing a 4 month Ayurvedic detox, that has been challenging on so many levels, but rewarding as well. I have the gym and my meditation practice, but most importantly thinking and behaving in a way that reflects self care. Honouring my passions and my true nature in the way I live in each moment, giving my self the same kindness and compassion I show others. In doing this I diminish the negative self talk, the feelings of self loathing and unworthiness allowing me to unashamedly love myself and all I have to offer and knowing that we all have wonderful gifts to share that honour ourselves and each other. It starts with caring for ourselves in all the different ways we might do that and listening to what we truly desire for ourselves in this lifetime.

Its been a busy time for CYS and this month we have many offerings for you to help nourish your body and soul. Following are all the events and information you will need to help you slide through June with ease and harmony.

Wednesday Night Workshops

This month CYS is building the heat with some fantastic events, we have just finished the third session of Elena’s Posture series. This was a wonderful event and I know all who attended will be feeling the benefits of Elena’s deep and wonderful knowledge. If you missed out, have no fear, on her return from her time away, Elena will be doing more workshops to have you all feeling stronger, taller and more knowledgeable about your body.

Our next Wednesday Night Workshop is hot on its heals:

Introduction to Kirtan Skills

Wednesday 12thJune at 7:45 – 9:45pm. This special event is just $20 so book your place today.

A note from Gregory:

KirtanaRama are offering a special 2 hour “Introduction To Kirtan Skills” Workshop.
This event will include: a talk on kirtan – its origins and use in Bhakti Yoga; vocal warm-up exercises; rhythm coaching; the energetics and dynamics of kirtan; and an option for each participant to lead part of a kirtan. Plus, lots of blissful music to bask in and uplift.

In a nutshell, Kirtan is people coming together, sitting in a circle and singing ‘call and response style’ in Sanskrit. The kirtanist leads the song while the other participants respond by repeating the words and the melody. To help with the Sanskrit, printed lyrics are displayed for easy reference.

At KirtanaRama events, the role of the kirtanist is usually passed from one band member to the next – everyone gets to contribute equally. Unlike a lot of Western music where there’s a clear distinction between the performers and the audience, kirtan is completely interactive. All people present, including the kirtanists and the responders, are invited to contribute with their physical presence, their voice, and simple hand percussion instruments. Spontaneous dancing is also encouraged and supported.

With it’s roots in Indian spiritualism, Kirtan was developed as a way to take spiritual practice out of the temples and make it accessible to the masses, through music and song. It’s a non-denominational spiritual practice with an expressive element; a way to sing from the heart and let it be heard, in a safe and supportive environment.  The uplifting and transformative nature of Kirtan, and its inclusive and engaging presentation, mean anyone can take part and benefit from the experience.

The band: KirtanaRama grew out of Canberra’s vibrant and diverse Community Kirtan scene. The members, who all met at regular local Kirtan gatherings, combine their talents in an initiative to introduce Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga to the wider Canberra community. KirtanaRama consists of three core members: Indra, Sajhu and Gregory and welcomes various local kirtanists to accompany at their events. This time our sound will be greatly enhanced by Cassie and Nitya on guitar, vocals, bansuri flute and various other traditional instruments.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to take part in this special opportunity, to learn about the elements of kirtan and to broaden your own understanding of this time-proven method of spiritual development. Book in here

Engineering Trikonasana with Jon Smillie

Join Jon Smillie on the 26th of June for Engineering Trikonasana. If you have ever been to one of Jon’s classes, you will know that his precision and attention to detail help you achieve strong and beautiful alignment. Book in here.

A note from Jon:

Amongst his many pivotal contributions to Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar is often remembered for his emphasis on physical alignment in Asana (the Yoga postures). He taught that application of awareness brings improved alignment; but equally, as alignment in Asana improves, we develop a deeper capacity for awareness.

In this workshop, we will break down familiar Asana, including Trikonasana (triangle pose), and look at techniques we can use to refine alignment in these poses. Just as an engineer builds a stable, enduring, and beautiful, bridge using a few key principles; we can “engineer” Asana that are balanced, aligned, and also beautiful. In doing so we may enhance the external presentation of our Asana; but the real potential is in stimulating our internal awareness of the experience of Asana. This sensitivity to our experience improves our connection to, and involvement in, all aspects of our existence beyond our practice of Yoga. Book your spot here.

Please note the Wednesday Night Workshop link provided is general and for payment purposes. For more details on the events specifically please check out our Canberra Yoga Space Facebook event page.

Class Change

We have had a small schedule change to our Monday and Tuesday evening classes.

  • Monday 5:45pm class will now be taught by Gregory and be based on Yoga for the Seasons.
  • Tuesday 7:30pm class will now be taught by Nadia and will be a gentle to moderate Hatha class.

These changes have been made to support the needs of our wonderful teachers and I hope they give you the opportunity to grow in your practice. Many Thanks to Elena for all your amazing efforts in teaching the Tuesday evening class, you will no doubt be missed.

Beginners Price Rise

The new pricing schedule has been rolled out and our website has been updated.

The Beginners Course has also seen a slight increase which will take effect for the next course, which commences the 8th of July 2019. The new early bird rate is $119 with the full price being $159. The July course is now open for enrolment. Book you place here.

This 6-week course is a wonderful entry point and way to build foundational skills for your yoga practice. If you have participated in a few rounds of the beginners course I encourage you to try some open classes and deepen your practice to all the other wonderful ways we can experience yoga.

Guest Teacher Events.

We have some fabulous guest teachers coming to visit CYS in the coming months.

Sarah Owen will present Mellow Kids – Mindfulness Teaching for Working with Kids on the 5th and 6th October 2019. This is a wonderful weekend workshop ideal for anyone working with or caring for children. you will looks deeply at nature and mindfulness practices to help nurture and encourage children to feel grounded, connected and mellowed out. Click for more details and to book your place.

Sarah will also be back in January, 2020 for Level 1 Yin Teacher Training. More details to follow in the coming months.

Between the 10th – 13th October 2019, Dani will be teaching Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage. Dani is joining us from Queensland for this fabulous 4-day workshop, which is suitable for anyone wanting to give the gift of touch. This is an amazing way of giving nurturing touch and massage in a way that is compassionate and caring, all done with cloths on. You do not need any prior training to attend, just a willingness to learn and an open heart to give joy and relaxation to others. For more details, visit our FB event page.

Dani will also be here for a very special small group Prenatal Thai yoga Massage training on the 14th – 15th October, open to those who have completed Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage or those already working with pregnant women. Spots are very limited so book in early to ensure you have your place. For more details visit our FB event page.

Please note there will be some modifications to our regular class timetable during these events, but I will give you plenty of notice so you can still get your practice in.

Weekend Door Access

Please note that the Altree Court entrance to the building (on the Duratone side) is only open during the week. This entrance is locked on the weekends so please enter the building via the Divine Court side (near the Laundromat).

The CYS Teachers

Lastly, we had a great time at our teachers photo shoot last weekend. I hope you enjoy the shots featured in the newsletter, on our social media feeds and throughout our website as it evolves.

Are you a social butterfly? Please like and share our Facebook and Instagram pages. These are a great way to stay in touch with what’s happening, get more information about our events and classes and let others know about our great Canberra Yoga Space community.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

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