Elena Amani

Elena Amani

Posture Specialist

Elena teaches Dynamic Hatha, Therapeutic & Beginners


Elena was born in Russia and has lived in Belgium and Croatia. She settled in Canberra in 2010.

The focus of Elena’s practice is on self-development. She likes to study and is open to trying new things to expand her creative nature. Elena also enjoys making clothes and gifts for her family and friends.

For years Elena suffered from chronic pain. This is what motivated her to become a Scenar Therapist and Yoga practitioner in order to help others find relief from their own pain. She has struggled with Crohn’s diseases from childhood. She had hypothyroid myopathy, muscle disease: weakness around the hips, shoulders and painful muscle cramps. Due to weakness in her body Elena developed a bad posture resulting in hip bursitis and lower back pain. She injured her neck when she was 28 years old, resulting in headaches for many years, finding relief and a sense of peace was important to Elena. She was determined to find something that would help her heal and get back to leading an active lifestyle.

      After discovering Scenar therapy and yoga her life was completely transformed. Scenar treatments helped Elena to finally be free of pain, and yoga has not only increased her flexibility and strength but has also brought a sense of calmness that she carries throughout the day. She is passionate about sharing these life-changing practices with others and helping them experience the same benefits that she has.


Elena is a registered Yoga Teacher Level 2, Posture expert and Yoga therapy instructor.

Elena is a posture expert and Scenar therapist who offers a unique combination of Scenar Therapy, Face Yoga, and Yoga for posture. She has developed a unique approach to postural pain management that combines the ancient techniques of yoga with modern technology.

Since 2006, she has studied Hatha yoga in Australia and abroad and holds a number of certificates: Yoga and Meditation, Yoga for Kids, Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga, Advanced Yoga Fundamentals, Yoga Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing, Posture Expert.

Elena has completed many courses including, Pain solutions, Ocular Neuro Rehabilitation, The Vital Psoas Muscle and The vital Glutes.

Elena completed an Australian Institute of Applied Sciences course in Reflexology. She finds that knowledge of reflexology greatly complements the health and well-being of her students. In Europe she was introduced to isokinetic exercises, which included working with machines such as SYBEX. Elena learnt to use isokinetic muscles activation and resistance in yoga which dramatically improved her health.


Elena’s style of yoga incorporates yoga therapy and vinyasa hatha with a focus on posture correction. She specialises in injury-specific yoga, mindful movement, and breath-work. Our natural human emotions are expressed through our physiological posture and 95% of communication is nonverbal. Elena helps her students to practice in a more mindful way, moving the body in the most efficient ways and allowing the nervous system to learn and develop improved postural alignment. Elena incorporates isokinetic muscle activation in her classes to help students build strength, even those with limitations.

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