Gail Robertson

Gail Robertson

Gail teaches Dynamic Hatha and Ashtanga Blend


Gail has been practicing yoga every day for over 30 years and finds the benefits have resonated far beyond her yoga mat. She has been teaching for 25 years, revisiting her training a number of times because her passion for sharing our beautiful yoga has led her to want to learn more and more about what it has to offer both her and her students. Gail’s many years of teaching experience will provide you with a variety of accessible options to help you deal with changes in flexibility, balance and strength. Her aim is to give you the skills to understand how yoga can be applied to benefit your ever-changing body, and assist you to be peacefully present in different spaces and places.

Sharing yoga is why it was created, why it evolved and why it is still with us. My teaching perspective is influenced by the desire to keep on learning through sharing the practice as a teacher and student. I always come away from a class I have taught reflecting on something I learned from a student. It could be the way they adapted the practice for themselves or the lovely energy they brought into the space. I always come away from a class I have attended with a new technique to use in one of my classes.

My teaching methodology is to combine breath awareness with accessible asana, always finishing with a meditation to bring it all together. It is clear that the benefits of the physical practice are enhanced if asana is held for longer to allow the fascia to respond. The technique of moving in and out of the asana a number of times and then holding can provide a similar effect to the longer hold. I try to do this as much as I can in a class. I also think a long Savasana is essential so that the benefits to body, mind and spirit can occur. Time does not always allow for this to happen so I guide students through a Yoga Nidra for a  deeper relaxation. Hopefully, it is something that they can take away with them and use to clear their minds at other times.


Ashtanga Blend includes a shortened version of the Primary Series to allow a variety of postures to be experienced. As a gentle to moderate version of Ashtanga, it is suitable for all levels; from beginner to more experienced practitioners.
The classes include optional physical challenges offered throughout a dynamic flow leading towards a final guided meditation as part of a 10 minute savasana.

The emphasis in this style of yoga is on building physical strength and flexibility, while developing concentration and focused breath awareness, to create a mental and physical release. Some yoga experience is recommended. Not appropriate for pregnant women.

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