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It’s time for the NEW!
So dream big,
you are supported!!!!

I had written a whole other blog but have deleted it and started again as it was just another winge fest about how yoga has helped me work through my trauma.

I am not going down that road again!

It is time to walk a new road!

Astrologically this is the best week of 2024. It’s filled with planetary alignment to help us shift out of the old and into the new!

So are you with me?

Are you ready to walk a new path, to reach for your goals and lay the seeds for your future?

Are you ready to think and act in a new way?

I SURE AM!!!!!!!

If you’ve been in my classes you may have felt this shift in me. Since my cruise, with the gentle, constant rocking of the ocean, I’ve been shifting and changing. Each day has been an unfolding, with insight into how I can be new and different and, most importantly, in alignment with how I want to show up in my life; with who I really am!

My original post was the old me, the old pattern. After my shower – yes, I finished on cold – I’m showing up as the new me, the more aligned me, the me I want to be, full of unconditional love, joy and vitality!!!!

This is why I practice yoga!

This is why I spend every morning and every evening on my cushion or my mat.

Because it’s helped me evolve, it’s helped me realise I am not my trauma or conditioning. It has and will continue to help me be the very best version of myself, every single day. Even when I am sad; even when I am happy; even when I’m everything in-between.

I’m showing up authentically, whole and complete just as I am in that moment and every moment.

So take some time to tune into your values; to think about what you want for your life; to feel into who you are and how you want to show up.

It’s time to anchor into this truth! You are supported and if you trust, the magic will happen!

Sit in quiet contemplation with your breath and ask yourself these questions, open up and allow the answers to form.

Blessings and may the joy arise 🙂

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