What is Ashtanga MYSORE? by Kat Sadler

What is Ashtanga MYSORE? by Kat Sadler

MYSORE style is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Rather than being led through the Ashtanga sequence as a class, each student moves through the series at their own pace with individual instruction and hands-on adjustment provided by the teacher. This type of environment supports each individual to work to his or her full capacity. It is the safest way to learn Ashtanga Yoga, with students repeating postures until they area comfortable enough to progress.

MYSORE classes are open to anyone, from beginners to advanced students and from young to old, regardless of fitness, strength or flexibility. Beginners start with a shorter practice but are provided more one-on-one assistance from the teacher. Experienced students work independently through the practice, becoming more attuned to his or her breath, whilst focusing the mind and cultivating calmness.

Benefits of a MYSORE class

1. It is open to anyone and everyone. You work at your own pace and can spend more time on the postures you find challenging.

2. You can show up anytime. No need to rush from work to class. You only need to arrive early enough to finish your practice before the end of the class.

3. Learn how to cultivate mindfulness by moving in time with your breath rather than the teacher’s count.



1. What if I forget what to do next? Just ask the teacher!

2. Is it OK to sit in meditation before or after my practice?

3. How do I stop my mind from wandering? This is something that everyone struggles with. Focus your attention on your breath or drishti (gazing point) and if you find your mind wandering again, gently bring it back to your practice.

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