Another year come to it’s natural end

So we made it to the end of the year.

Firstly let me say thank you so much for all your support throughout 2022. We have had a hell of a year and without the support of all of you, our students and clients, we would not still be here. So Thank You!

This year was full of challenges for me in business and personally. My family life has been very emotionally difficult with 2 family members passing away this year, illness for other members of my family, as well as being injured myself recently. My personal journey through these ups and downs has been interesting. My yoga and meditation practice has helped me through and I can honestly and humbly say that without them I would not still be standing or smiling.

I have been asked so many times lately “how do you do it?” ie: get through all the stuff of my life. My answer “I just get up each day and I move through it, and I practice – thank goodness for yoga and meditation” If I did not do my practice every day (and sometimes I do miss out) I would seriously have given up and let everything go.

My practice helps keep me grounded, so I am grounded for you.
My practice helps keep me motivated and passionate, so I can give to you.
My practice keeps me connected to what is important and the knowledge that is within so that I can share this with you.

If you have drifted away from your practice, I encourage you to get back onto the mat. It will help you as it has helped me, this I know for sure.

Yoga practice is an anchor and a savior. It is hope and connection. It is freedom and bliss. It is a chance to pause from the mundane stuff of life and just BE in it and of it and flowing through it.

Wishing you all a very happy Festive Season and all the very best for 2023.

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