Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen

Special Guest Teacher

Sarah teaches Yin Yoga

Sarah Owen is one of the leading Yin Yoga teachers in Australia. She was one of the first to introduce Yin Yoga to the Australian audience more than a decade ago and is the only Insight Yoga teacher in Australia, endorsed by Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Institute.

Sarah has been mentored by Sarah Powers (founder and author of Insight Yoga) for over a decade and is the coordinator and assistant for Sarah Powers’ annual programs in Australia.  Besides Sarah, other influential teachers over the last decade have been Ty Powers, B. Alan Wallace, Katie Rose and Maty Ezraty.

Sarah teaches Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training courses (3 modules totalling 125 hours), as well as Seasonal Yin Yoga Workshops, which can contribute to continuing education hours for Yoga Teachers. Her depth of knowledge and experience shines through particularly in her teacher training programs, which are well-received and highly-recommended by graduating students.

Alongside her yoga teaching qualifications, Sarah spent six years at university in Australia and overseas, completing a Bachelor of Education (Primary)/Bachelor of Arts (International Studies). She lived in Veracruz, Mexico from 2002 to 2004 and travelled extensively through Mexico and Peru as well as parts of Asia, France and the South Pacific. She graduated from the University of NSW with a Master’s Degree in International Social Development (MSD Int’l) in 2007.

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