Release | Realign | Rewire

A Yoga Retreat for Deep Immersion into Body, Mind, and Soul.

Wednesday Sept 13 – Saturday Sept 16, 2023

Eli and TL doing yoga

Find comfort in your most important relationship –
the one you have with yourself!

With Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Nutrition, Mindful Practice, time in nature, and connection to the elements, together we will clear a path for a deeper personal connection to Body, Mind, and Soul.

Through ceremony, ritual, and practice we will give you the tools to make your self-care an expression of self-love.

Eli and TL will guide you into a calm state, to take your nervous system from overdrive to tranquility, so that you may reawaken the authentic person within. We will help you integrate the tools needed to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with yourself.

By the end of this retreat, you will feel released, realigned and rewired ready for this new relationship with yourself.

Your Retreat Experience

Come on a journey through the elements – Earth, Fire, Air, and Water – and learn tools and practices to help calm the nervous system and nourish your body, mind, and soul. Anchoring into ceremony and ritual, yoga practice, meditation, nutrition, and a connection to nature and the elements, you have the opportunity to reassess and prioritise your life’s pursuits.

Our retreat experience starts with an Acknowledgment of Country, to pay our respects to the land and its traditional owners. This clears the way for our collective journey to begin with a smudging ceremony, and the opportunity to meet each other and settle into our space.

We will practice yoga daily, so you feel calm, refreshed and deeply restored. Energize your day with vigorous morning yoga. Replenish your vitality with meditation surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature and the loving energy of the bush. Wind down at the end of the day with gentle restorative practice and evening meditation.

We will discover how our gut relates to our nervous system. That “gut feeling” is very real. Learn the nexus between body and mind, between gut and brain, and how this relates to what and how you eat.

We will be enveloped in the sound of the singing crystal bowls. With the pure tones of crystal singing bowls and clear intention, this powerful practice will take you to another place and bring you back deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

We will burn away the old with the fire ceremony. Prepare a list of things to release from your life and a list of things to invite into your life, and then together, we will burn them into being.

We will bask in the darkness of the night sky. Release what is no longer needed, to allow our inner light to shine. Connect with intention, feel the newness of our thoughts and feelings, and create a space for true transformation.

We will enjoy delicious vegetarian meals every day with a menu designed around the four elements. Imbibe Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, and embody the elements in this unique, holistic way. Your mouth will be watering and your gut will be grinning.

Your retreat experience includes:

  • The Welcome Ceremony
  • Morning, afternoon/evening yoga and meditation sessions each day
  • Two Sound Bath Healing experiences
  • Mindfulness practice and workshop
  • Talk on nutrition and digestion
  • Nourishing vegetarian meals, locally catered.
  • Gentle walks around the property, as well as a moderate-level bush walk in the Budawang Mountain Range
  • A Fire Ceremony
  • A New Moon Ceremony

And so much more

Free time will be allocated throughout the day for you to journal, spend time in quiet contemplation, or get to know some new friends.


Meet Your Hosts

Eli Haski

Eli is the director of Canberra Yoga Space. She is a very grounded and open teacher. Her teaching style is anatomical with therapeutic highlights and an emphasis on enjoying the space between the poses. Her classes are adaptable and an exploration of movement, body and spirit. Her passion for Sound Healing through Crystal Singing bowls permeates her teaching and facilitates a beautiful, effortless unfolding.

Eli loves to infuse her sense of spirit and joy through her classes and in all she does. This retreat is an opportunity to go on a deep journey of spirit through ritual and practices of yoga and meditation as a way of connection to your body and soul.

TL Leonard

TL brings a light-hearted approach to her teaching and loves teaching many styles of yoga as well as pilates. She is a natural at making everyone feel welcome and uplifted with her positive energy. TL has a way of weaving anatomical alignment, breath-work, and yogic philosophy into her classes.

She encourages and inspires others to move beyond their physical and mental barriers no matter what level of practice they may be at. In addition to her years of teaching yoga and pilates, she is a certified holistic nutritional consultant and has a passion for holistic health and wellness.

Tombarra Estate

Tombarra is a quiet and tranquil estate with the sounds of the trees, the Mongarlowe River, the birds and the breeze. Close enough to Canberra and just 15 mins away from Braidwood. This unique property is the perfect location to let go of the outside world and dive deeply into your inner landscape.

The meeting room and our yoga space is warm and cosy with a fireplace. Weather permitting we will spend time outside with some practices on the river deck and around the grounds but when we need to be warm we will take it inside and be cocooned in the nests we create on day one.

Meals will be taken together in the meeting room or outside. Please note: This retreat is alcohol free.



The cabins are warm and cosy, and fresh linen is supplied. Each cabin has its own bathroom, a small fridge, and motel-style facilities.

Additional toilets are located at the meeting room.

Shared rooms host 3-4 people. Private rooms are limited.

Couples are welcome and will not be required to share with other guests. Should you wish to book as a couple please email first so that a room may be allocated and confirmed, then purchase 2 of the “Shared Room” options.

There are 2 rooms available for larger groups. If you would like to book for a group of 4 people please call or email before booking to check room availability. Once confirmed you will purchase 4 ” Shared Room” options.

This is an opportunity to build community and share time with like-minded people and with yourself. There will be certain “house rules” in place to ensure you have peace and tranquility throughout your stay.


Your Investment


Early bird: $1197

Available 1 July – 12 August 2023

Full Price: $1397 (After 13 August 2023)

Payment Plan available.



Early bird: $1597

Available 1 July – 12 August 2023

Full Price: $1797 (After 13 August 2023)

Note: Private rooms are available on request.



  • To book for a couple or a group please email first to confirm a room is available.
  • You can then purchase 2 or more “Shared Room” packages and a room will be reserved for you.
  • Couples will not have other guests sharing the room.
  • Super early bird, early bird, and full-price fees and dates apply.

The Fine Print

Covid Policy:

Should you fall sick before the retreat and need to cancel, the cancelation policy outlined below will apply. If you feel you may be at risk, take care 2 weeks prior to the retreat by using masks when out and about and minimise your exposure to Covid and other illnesses. Please take a test before coming if you are at all concerned you may have Covid.

Should you fall sick during the retreat you will be temporarily isolated as best as possible and cared for. Rest is best, so we will bring you meals and make sure you are as comfortable as can be. Should you need further medical assistance, we will help with arrangements. If necessary you will be required to leave the retreat and head home.

Cancelation Policy:

We really want you to come but we know sometimes things don’t go according to plan. We will be as flexible as we can but the following policy will apply.

If you cancel up to 2 months prior to the retreat start date (i.e. before 13th July 2023) a full refund (minus a small administration fee) will apply.

If you cancel less than two months prior to the retreat start date (i.e. after 14th July 2023) no refund will be given unless a replacement participant can be found to take your place. In the case of a replacement participant being found, a flat fee of $200 will also apply.

In the event the retreat is disrupted or canceled by the organisers, due to unforeseen circumstances, confirmed participants will receive a full refund, minus a small administration fee.

Fees paid are transferable to family and friends, but they are not transferable to other courses, classes or workshops provided by Canberra Yoga Space.

Important reminders of our cancelation policy.

  • Cancelation time frame – up to 2 months prior to the retreat, plus a small administration fee.
  • A flat fee of $200 on cancelations after 14th July, if a replacement participant has been found.
  • Retreat payments can be transferred to family or friends but cannot be used as credit for classes or workshops at Canberra Yoga Space.
  • Try not to get Covid in the 2 weeks prior to the retreat.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!