Eli Haski

Eli Haski

Movement & mobility specialist

Eli teaches PregnancyYoga (Pre and Postnatal), Vinyasa Hatha, Restorative, Yin and Meditation


Eli is a positive and open person and sees the goodness and wonder in all things. She strives to find the positive in every situation and embrace the differences within us all. As an artist, she rejoices in the simple pleasures of colour, texture and aroma abundant in our natural world. As a mother of two active boys, she is kept in awe of the way we all grow into individuals. This keeps her on her toes but she is reminded of what’s important in life, to love and to breath. She loves to dance and lift weights as part of her fitness and has worked hard to shape her body and her life to find balance and harmony. She is a realist and understands that life is not so simple and despite our best intentions turmoil and drama can come up, but in these moments we can grow and respond with wisdom and dignity.


Eli has a Certificate III and IV in fitness and works as a group trainer specialising in older adults, people with limited mobility, mental illness, and chronic pain. She has a dance background and loves all forms of movement. She discovered yoga more recently and has found it to be a major influence in her life. Yoga has given her a way to connect to her spiritual side and feel centred in her soul and energetically revitalised. In recent years she has discovered a passion for anatomy and functional movement and has trained to the highest level in Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT). Her passion for helping people move better and reduce pain has seen her open her own clinic where she incorporates NKT and therapeutic yoga. Eli has been teaching Pre and Postnatal yoga for the past 5 years here at CYS and has a passion for sharing the joy of pregnancy, birthing and babies through yoga and personal experiences.

Eli is the Director of Canberra Yoga Space and has added business owner to her broad skillset.


Eli’s teaching style is moderate and grounding. Her classes are a flowing practise that help individuals nurture and develop a practice they can embrace to find growth within. She endeavours to create a safe and supportive space for participants to explore and connect with their body and breathe. Her deep understanding of anatomy and functional movement allows her to tap into and support her students with a great understanding of any injury, offering variations and modifications to make yoga accessible to any student she meets. Eli is highly experienced with teaching students with chronic pain, injury and movement dysfunction, the elderly and anyone who needs a bit more care and attention.

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