Jacqui Simmonds

Jacqui Simmonds

Jacqui teaches Iyengar Yoga


Jacqui recently returned to Canberra after working in tertiary dance education in Sydney. Her interest in movement, specifically principles underpinning dance technique and creativity, have inspired her to explore several somatic methods including the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method, for which she completed the teacher training.


Many decades ago Jacqui came across yoga in her search for a physical practice to augment dance. I loved it from the very first class. She is indebted to Peter Thomson, her yoga teacher for many years who taught her how to ‘see’ what is happening in bodies, and the importance of sequencing within a class. It was under his guidance that she completed Introductory Level I and II Iyengar Yoga teacher training. Jacqui studied at the Iyengar Institute in Puna, India, and was on the teaching team at the Yoga Centre, East Redfern, directed by Caroline Coggins.


She strives to teach in a way that honours the rigour of Iyengar yoga. This tradition emphasises precision and alignment, recognising the intimate relationship between the organisation and functioning of the physical body and the functioning of the whole person. Her approach is centred on a recognition that each student has different and changing needs.

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