Jon Smillie

Jon Smillie

Jon teaches Hatha and Beginners


Jon tries to live a life of balance and presence, and the truth continued in the centuries-old traditions and practices of Yoga is a cornerstone of this.


Jon has been practising Yoga since 2005, taking classes with a variety of teachers and in a variety of styles for several years. He trained with Yoga Trinity in 2015, began teaching in early 2016, and undertook further training with Knoff Yoga in 2017. Jon’s own practice is in the Iyengar style, a form he first experienced, and found resonance with through Maurice McCann from the Yoga Room in Burleigh Heads. Building on this foundation, Jon has been a regular student at the Yoga Mandir Iyengar Yoga Institute since 2017.


Jon teaches from his experience and practice. The techniques of Yoga, working with the body, breath and mind, allow us to enhance these aspects of our existence, but they also allow us to develop qualities which improve our overall experience as living beings. As B.K.S. Iyengar pointed out, Yoga without this dimension is mere acrobatics.

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