March Highlights include…

Summer is on the way out, the weather has not quite started to get cooler but we have arrived at Autumn. This is a time of decay, of letting go, of relinquishing burdens and accepting the impermanence of things. A time for shedding, releasing and allowing the decay and the cycle of change. It is a time to find balance between light and dark, not shying away from the darkness but rather embracing the notion that there is both light and dark in all things. While these ideas may be daunting they are a necessary processes of the cycles we go through continually and its in this shading that we can allow for space and change. Each thought has a process of arriving, blooming, unfolding and disappearing again. As to the seasons and the nature of all that is, there is continual change and nothing is permanent.

Within our practice it is a time for releasing expectation, for sheading ideas and concepts of how it should be or am I able. It is a time to explore the depths of what we can do and build strong foundations. Settling into the rhythm of practice to sustain us through the colder months so we may bloom again in Spring and Summer, stronger and more established in ourselves, with a deeper understanding of our true nature. We can embrace the rhythm of letting go, of surrender and transformations. As the trees shed their leaves, we might shed the layers of conditioning and attachment to see more deeply into the dark depths of consciousness allowing us to wake up to the light of impermanence.

Allow yourself to let go with compassion and know that there is strength in surrender. Where there is resistance there is persistence, so by letting go of resistance, we strengthen the will and allow transformation. This is not a passive, apathetic notion, but a conscious choice of allowing and surrender, releasing attachment and being brave enough to grow.

Welcome back to Gail Roberston

 Gail has returned to teaching at CYS and we are excited to have her back. She is a very highly regarded teacher with years of experience. She is a qualified instructor in Ashtanga and Still Point and has over 2 decades of teaching experience. Her classes are dynamic, exciting and will surely challenge.

You can join Gail on Thursday afternoon at 4:45 – 5:45pm. Book in here.

Class Teacher Changes

Wednesday Class at 5:00 – 6:00pm will now be taught by Elena, which is exciting news if you love Elena’s class or have not had a chance to try it, you now have another chance to practice with her. Book in here.

You may have noticed that these classes where previously taught by Cass who is moving on from these classes to pursue other ventures. We wish Cass all the very best on all she does in the future and know that she will shine brightly.

For those of you who love Cass’ class, have no fear, she will still be teaching her Sunday afternoon Harmony Yoga class at 5:00- 6:15pm. Book in here.

March is Mens Month

 Don’t forget that March is Mens month. You are welcome to bring a male friend to one free open class during the month of March. They are then welcome to purchase the $20 New Student Pass, should they want to try out a few more classes. This is a fabulous opportunity to be able to share Yoga with your family and friends.

Wednesday Night Workshop

Yoga for The Modern Man with Gregory Barnes is on the 20th March 7:45 – 9:45pm. This workshop is designed to improve strength and flexibility, decrease stress and create connection.  You can book in here.

We also have Elena’s Posture Correction Wednesday Night Workshop Series coming up on the 3rdApril, 1stMay, and 5thJune, definitely worth coming along if you are concerned with your posture and want to know more about how you can improve it. My teacher Heather Agnew always said “work in the posture you want to have” and this course can help you get there. You can book in here.

Iyengar Weekend Workshop

I am pleased to announce Jacqui will be conducting an Iyengar Weekend Workshop on the 27th and 28th April. The workshops will be focusing on standing poses and forward bends, this weekend intensive offers the opportunity to experience different ways of doing familiar asana so as to deepen our understanding and experience of asana and sequencing.

The workshop is suitable for experienced beginners and intermediate level students. Be prepared to work with props and each other as we observe what asanas look like on different bodies and take what we learn through observation into our own practice. You can book in here.

Its another jam packed month at CYS and I hope you are all enjoying your practice and feeling the numerous benefits a regular practice has to offer.

Wishing you all the very best.


Eli 🙂

Eliane Haski

Director/ Teacher/ Custodian

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