Embrace The New in 2024

Embrace a new way of thinking in 2024

Happy New Year! I hope that the start of the year has been wonderful for you so far!

Every day this year I have woken up and set a conscious intention to be present and fully embrace myself as I am in each moment. I have committed myself to be conscious about my thoughts and actions… to maintain and increase my sense of inner alignment, trust, and enthusiasm for life, my circumstances, and my spiritual engagement. 

In releasing the patterns and baggage from my past (the last 45 years of conditioned behaviour and personal experience) I find myself with a desire to engage fully with my life, to be present and conscious of my thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions. In this process I remind myself every morning upon waking, to be this way… to stay open and connected to my truth and intentions. 

As a result, I have found myself more present, more open (if that were possible, lol) more loving, more accepting, and more patient, with MYSELF and, as it happens, with others. I have found that I can much more rapidly shift from negative or unhelpful thoughts to more positive and useful ones and that less helpful thoughts arise less often.

So as a daily practice, it seems that this new way of being has some merit. It sets the stage for how I show up in my day and creates an energy and vibration that carries through to others through my interactions and offerings. 

What have you been doing differently this year? 

Have you been able to make some shifts and put them into practice? 

If not, you might like to try what I am doing:

The new year is a great opportunity to try new things, to set intentions, and to embrace a fresh start.

Let’s move together, breathe together, and create together!

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