two colourful hands holding the words March into march

Let’s march into March together!

We have sped our way to March, so let us embrace this super-fast timeline.

It is a time of transformation, harmony, and learning how to find balance amongst all the change and fast-paced timeline.

I have had some huge internal changes. I feel like every week I am peeling off another layer of sumskara and illusion. feeling into the depths of my soul and finding out just who I am when I shed the stories and old patterns of my life to this point.

It is never easy to allow this kind of change. It requires constant dedication to noticing one’s thoughts and behaviours, as well as radical and brutal honesty to look objectively at who, what and how we are showing up. The process is hard, but the rewards are that one can live without judgement, with constant love in the heart and a deep awareness of the divine in every moment.

It is a path I have chosen for myself, to live my truth, to stand in my own shoes and be authentic to my inner knowing. I have seen the change in how I have behaved in different circumstances and have maintained a sense of grace, honesty and inner harmony through some really challenging moments. I have recognised what is reality and what is a story in my head and come back stronger from feelings of sorrow and confusion.

Follow this short practice any time you need some support or just want to connect. It will help you to anchor into the heart and feel the divine in each and every moment (not just the good ones)

Try this practice any time you can. It’s extremely effective in difficult moments to help you cultivate calmness and compassion. This action will no doubt shift situations and your inner state for the better.

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