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Is it your Ego or Soul that drives you?

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse!!!!! What a powerful time! Are you feeling it?

All this energy of releasing and tuning into our very deepest Soul yearnings leads me to the question…

How do we distinguish between intuition/Soul driven desire and ego desire? 

Sometimes we get the urge to do something, and we just know it has to be done. There’s something inside us driving the decision and we’re inspired to take action.

But is this driven from our Ego wanting to have certain needs met or is it coming from our Soul, driving us towards our highest and best good?

It can be very hard to know the difference. Both might feel like a deep yearning and a “must do”. Both might feel urgent and imperative. Both might feel like the right thing to do.

So how do we tell the difference?

We get quiet and still; we take time to sit and listen to our body. We feel into our body and feel into the sensations. A Soul calling will have a body feeling, likely around the heart, and in the stillness this will feel “right”.

An Ego driven desire will likely have a dialog of doubt behind it, and perhaps a sense of apprehension alongside. You might feel it in your head, and you might start to hear the repetition of the pattern of behaviour driving the desire.

It is only in the quieting of the body and mind that we may be able to tell the difference. I also think it has to do with the intention behind what you are doing. When we are inspired to take action to help others, this is likely coming from a Soul place. But when we are taking action driven by the need to have or attain something physical or material, we may be heading into Ego territory. Not that Ego territory is bad, it is not, at all. What I question is the initial intention and inner drive that sparks us to act. Are you acting because there is an intuitive need to see something become manifest?

It may currently feel that this issue, along with reflections around your relationships and your highest potential are highlighted for you just now. This is because we are in the midst of a super New Moon and a Solar eclipse, so it is a pretty powerful time. Particularly if you are wanting to make some changes in your life and live more from a Soul place and less from an Ego place.

You are absolutely supported in your evolution. It’s time to let go of your deep hurts and past Karmic baggage. Allow yourself to set intentions and blossom into who you really are, manifesting your hopes and dreams to live a life from your authentic self.

Eli Haski laughing joyouslyI know I have been working with this energy very intentionally for the last year or so, and I feel very supported in my change. If you’ve been in my classes, you may have felt the change in my energy and the way I hold space for you. I’m grateful that you get to receive the benefits of my transformation. My physical body has also transformed over the last year. I have lost weight, but more importantly feel more comfortable in my body, owning my body as it is and nurturing my body to support my inner state.

To me, this is what yoga gives us. This opportunity to continually reflect and refine the way we show up for ourselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally, to truly live from a Soul-orientated place.

I hope these reflections have been helpful in some way.

It is time to step out of our wounds and into our Soul power, authenticity and beauty.

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