Knowing what to write about in these posts is always a challenge. Often I reflect on what has been going on for me and try to make it useful and relevant for all of you.

This month I have been a bit sick. It’s my usual burnout/transformation cycle. I get hairy in the chest… feel a bit off. My body is saying slow down, but I don’t. I push through because I don’t want to let people down, I don’t want to fall behind on all the “very important things” I need to do.

My lurgy often develops into a productive cough – it sounds gross and it’s not much fun. Still, if asked, I will say “I’m fine” …lol. Eventually, the fatigue sets in and I have no choice but to stop and rest. A day on the couch doing very little else. Usually, at this point, my mood becomes super low and I get very emotional.

As I passed through this cycle over the last few days I reflected on the spiritual transformation taking place as I shed yet another layer of ego and conditioning. This time I became more mindful. I listened more closely to my body. I did things I knew would help – drank warm water, ate honey and sauerkraut, and did gentle yoga practice and meditation. I ate the food my body needed and kept myself warm – except for my cold morning showers, which have been a game changer in my life. I made sure not to forget my morning vitamins and supplements and paid close attention to self-care, noticing the effects in my body and on my mind.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, This time things went in a different direction. Normally I work myself to this point and then push and push some more. This time I slowed down much earlier. This time I felt the spiritual shift and engaged in the internal dialog. This time I understood this was a process of shedding and deep internal growth. I recognised it was a physical manifestation of the spiritual change. For me, it is in my throat and chest, urging me to speak more, urging me to open up and share more. So, this time, I will listen. I will do my best to bring out what is inside, to share my thoughts and insights, without shame or fear or doubt.

We don’t always have to view sickness as a bad thing. It is change and can teach us much. We can make our practice to listen and slow down, to be more mindful and conscious of how we treat ourselves.

Hopefully, this resonates with you in some way so next time you get sick you might see what you can transform.

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