Are you suffering from chronic pain?

I am not full of wise words this month as I have been struggling with pain thanks to a pinched nerve in my neck. It has left me feeling very frustrated and distracted. This experience has also given me an even stronger appreciation for what many of my clients live with. Chronic pain is debilitating and clouds ones thinking, so my heart goes out to anyone who is suffering.

I have been applying my knowledge and yoga philosophy, which has most definitely helped, but it is hard to maintain positivity and consistency, especially when it comes to working.

But I ride the waves of life, as we all do, and rest each night knowing I have done my best. This is all one can hope for each day. It’s the little things and the self-reflection; the trust in oneself and in divine guidance, in source and in the order of things, knowing that we have no control over anything but our thoughts and actions in any given moment.

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