Life is not a race!

Life is not a race!

I hope you are enjoying the cold cold Canberra days. There is something so comforting and grounding about this time of year. It is a good reminder to slow down, look inside, and take stock of what is important.

For myself, I know how impatient I can be. I want to do so much and have everything done right now but I have come to settle into a place of more patience and stillness. I have come to realise that everything will happen in its own time and the less I push the better it is.

So often we are going, running around, chasing our “to-do” list and trying to cram as much into our days as possible. Does it help? How do we feel when we don’t get it all done? Do we start to spiral into negative self-talk? Do we become frozen into a state of not being able to do anything? So many ways we can deal with this state of being. And I ask myself; Who am I running this race for?

What I have come to realise is that I can only get done, what I can get done and it does not matter. Some days will be productive, some days will be less so. Sometimes there will be big breakthroughs and the goals will seem closer and sometimes they will see further away than ever. No matter what the day brings it is all ok.

We actually can relax into just letting things unfold. We do our best to achieve what we want, but there is no rush, no time frame, no prize for pushing ourselves to a stressed state. In fact, the prize is in the slowing down, the taking things one step at a time and being present, patient and responsive.


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