Manifest your dreams – reach your full potential

A lion in repose looks directly at the cameraEnter the Lion’s Gate Portal. 8/8 is the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal opening between 28th July and 12th August. This is a time to open our minds to unlimited possibility, a time to let go of limiting beliefs and open ourselves up to unlimited abundance and possibility. It is a time of being open to our limitless potential and trusting in the infinite wisdom of the universe.

All this sounds great and, in a non-committal, flippant way, we might say “yes, great, but this is BS”…
and here lies the limiting belief.

Our yoga practice is all about stripping away limiting beliefs, it’s all about pushing us to try new things in our body, to see what we can do, to breathe through and let the thoughts of the mind drift away and become limitless.

Now is a time that amplifies these intentions. Pause and listen to your heart and feel the infinite limitless possibility that anything we can think of can come into being. We are loved and supported by the universe and able to do and be anything we set our minds to.

If this is not your truth, that is ok. If this feels hard and you feel trapped, this is a golden opportunity for you to pause, breathe and allow yourself to open up to the possibility of change.

It’s a golden opportunity to Connect with yourself deeply, Recalibrate your thinking, Revitalise your soul and actively Create the life you want.

  • Canberra Yoga Space is built on this belief...

    Connect | Revitalise | Create

To me these words have always held a sense of power and an anchoring to come back to, if I tune in, pause and connect to myself, If I revitalise through movement and yoga practice, getting into nature and doing small things throughout the day that lift my spirit then I can Create the life I want, I can do anything I set my mind to, I can live without limits and with a mind of total trust in my true nature to have me right where I need to be at any given moment.

In this way I transform, In this way, I live fully, heart centred and complete each and every day.

In this way, I can show up fully to serve you all and the Canberra Yoga Space community with endless love, joy and enthusiasm, through the tough times and the good.

  • So take time
  • Pause
  • Breathe into your Heart Space
  • Feel the qualities of the Lion - strong, regal, fierce, graceful, heart centred and proud
  • Feel your hearts deepest desires... Dig deep... Go beyond the superficial...
  • Open yourself up to the limitless potential of your true nature, your infinite knowing and wisdom
  • Allow yourself some time to bask in this glory... connect to your true infinite nature


In a world that demands we be small, scared and starved of fulfilment, connecting with Leo reminds us the be brave, to be free and to be full.

You are unlimited potential 🙂
The world needs you to open up and realise your dreams…
The world needs you to go big, speak out and ROAR!

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