3 Tips for Maintaining a Sense of Wholeness

Wholeness is a term used so much these days. It is thrown around in the wellness industry like confetti and there are many definitions, interpretations and techniques to make us feel whole. But why do we need this? Why have we become so disconnected from the whole that we need reminding that feeling whole is a thing at all.

Have we lost touch or are we conditioned to lose it? Social media, work culture, hieratic society has led us to believe we need fixing, that we are lesser than we are and that we need to search outside of ourselves for happiness and completeness. We are led to believe that if we have this or that, that we will be happy, that we will be better than someone else, that we will be complete. We are conditioned to the gloom and doom mentality, you only need to watch the news to see that they mostly report horrible stuff, and little of the wonderful things happening.

But this is not true, we are already whole and complete, we are already perfection in all the different and wonderful incarnations we take. Not one person on this earth is not wonderful and extraordinary simply for the fact of being a human being. Just look around at all the incredible things we have done. Just look around at the people you love, they are incredible. We are incredible!

The fact remains, however, that we do live in this world and this society, so we need to be reminded as we can so easily forget our true nature of wholeness and completeness. Luckily, yoga gives us the tools to do this, to find deep acceptance, even of our “flaws”, which are not flaws at all but just aspects of self. We have awareness, we have contemplative practices to help us notice and transform ourselves and the more people that recognise their greatness, the better off we will all be.

3 tips for maintaining a sense of wholeness

  1. Stay in the present moment: Stay fully present, observe everything going on around you and within you, feel a part of it all.
  2. Maintain a bit of focus on your breath: Staying present with the breath is always good for helping you connect, but we can maintain a small amount of awareness on the breath to help us connect with the constant flow of all that is.
  3. Enjoy yourself: It’s easy to enjoy life when things are going well, but trying to stay calm and connected when things are difficult is a whole other ball game. When things get hard try to remember there is no separation from the other, that we are all connected and a part of the magic of life, this may help to keep you calm and in perspective of the bigger picture.

What’s Happening This Month at CYS

Epic Sound Bath

It’s happening again, The Epic Sound Bath with Eli and Bianca Reese. Join us on Saturday 24th from 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm for a sound healing experience like no other.
With 2 sets of bowls, Ocean drums, chimes and gongs this sounds scape and relaxation meditation session is a must for anyone who loves the bowls and wants to dive deep into the healing vibrations of that sound had to offer.

When: 24th July 2021
Time 7:15 pm– 9:15 pm (ish)
Cost: $45

Spaces are limited so book now! Only 9 places left.
You can book your place here

Yoga For Resilience

  • Have you tried trauma-sensitive yoga?
  • Do you have mental and emotional challenges?

CYS affiliate teacher Kendra Boone’s Yoga for Resilience class each Friday at 9.30 am, offers you a trauma-sensitive, self-paced class with a focus on mental health and wellness.

During this time of incredible change, it can be a wonderful time to build resilience, especially if your mental health is challenged. Resilience isn’t about avoiding what’s difficult or skipping over challenges. Resilience helps you build the muscle of being with difficulty, and strengthens the inner awareness of ‘welcoming’ things as they are.

How does TSY differ from other yoga classes?

  • Priority is given to creating a safe and comfortable space.
  • There is the opportunity for more choice-making, so you’ll see everyone expressing their own ways of practising.
  • Everything is invitational, so you’ll find more of your own practice coming to the surface of your experience.
  • There’s more time to build curiosity and mindfulness in your own time.
  • There are absolutely no assists and adjusts, as you are the expert on your body.
  • The facilitator practices in their body also, so the teaching is authentic.
  • Importance is placed on process, not progress, so advancing in your practice is more about awareness than achieving difficult postures.

And best of all, if you love a long meditation or longer rest at the end of class, come and enjoy a 30-minute iRest guided Yoga Nidra practice, guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for the weekend.

This 9-week course is enrolling now. Click here for more details

All of Kendra’s classes are trauma-sensitive. Trauma-sensitive yoga practice offers a safe and sensitive space for you to learn self-regulation and self-awareness skills that build sustainable resilience. It is about learning to feel safe and at home in your body by practising making choices. Anxiety and depression, are often the result of unresolved trauma. 

Sarah Owen Workshops

Sarah Owen is joining us with a new offering:
Insight Yoga: The Practice of Presence,
Sunday 15th August 2021, 11:15 am – 1:45 pm.

During this workshop, we will engage in a diversity of mindful movement, meditation, and breath practices to compassionately awaken the body, heart and mind. We will soften into long-held, floor-based postures with a mood of loving-kindness and compassionate presence.

This practice of Yin Yoga leaves you feeling vibrant and refreshed without depleting the body of any energy. We will also practice a flowing yoga sequence to balance the energies of yin and yang, allowing the mingling of these complementary energies to enhance overall health, vitality and well-being. The practice will conclude with your choice of a seated or laying meditation, followed by an extended relaxation.

When: Sunday 15th August 2021
Time: 11:15 – 1:45 (2.5hrs)
Cost: $75
Book your spot here – F2F and Online available.

You can also catch Sarah on Sunday 12th September with Yin Yoga Teachers Workshop for Spring (Wood element) For more details and to book your place click here.

Module 3 – Yin Yoga Teacher Training
4-day 25hr training Friday 1st October – Monday 4th October 2021.
(Times vary each day)

Explore the subtle art of holding space specifically within the context of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness in this 25-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training module. Holding space for your students is a significant part of being a yoga teacher and it is essential to be able to provide a safe, grounded and welcoming container for people to practice with a non-judgemental awareness and with personal agency/choice. A teacher’s capacity to attune to students’ needs is paramount, as well as a willingness to be with another’s discomfort, whilst also setting safe boundaries. Learning to hold space for others becomes much easier when we have learned to hold space for ourselves.

Dates and Times:
Friday 1st October 2021: 2 pm – 5 pm
Saturday 2nd October 2021: 10 am – 2 pm
Sunday 3rd October 2021: 10 am – 5 pm
Monday 4th October 2021: 10 am – 5 pm

Investment: $650 (Early Bird Price – fully paid before 31st July 2021)
$695 (Standard Price – from 1st August 2021)

For more details of the training click here


Just confirmed!  Maurice McCann of Yoga Room Burleigh Heads QLD will be joining us in November for 2 Master Class sessions, Friday 12th and Sunday 14th November 2021, with restorative inversions and Pranayama on Friday evening and more vigorous inversions and backbends on Sunday.

Maurice is a certified Iyengar teacher. He has been practising yoga for over 30 years and teaching since 2000. In 1996, committed to the Iyengar method, he developed a strong and disciplined practice. In 2003, Maurice became the principal teacher and co-director of the West Australian School of Yoga.

In 2010, Maurice relocated to Queensland to establish the Yoga Room. He regularly attends classes at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, where he continues to study, and expand his knowledge. He also leads retreats and workshops throughout Bali and Australia.

Maurice’s classes have a strong emphasis on safety and alignment. His natural, down to earth style has enabled many students to easily go beyond what they had believed to be their maximum capacity.

You can find out more about Maurice by visiting his website: yogaroom.com.au

More details to come shortly but keep the date, you won’t want to miss this!

More Fundamental Classes – Beginners

Great News! There are now more classes on our timetable with the addition of more Fundamental classes. These classes are Beginner course classes but a great way for our open students to come back to basics, revisit some foundational ideas of philosophy and form. This is also a great way for students wanting to join the beginners’ course late to jump in and have a go.

Check out our timetable for the times and to book in.
It’s a great way to catch an extra class if you have the time and feel the urge.
Book via our regular timetable.

Kids Yoga is Back

Term 3 –  Monday afternoons 4:15 pm – 5:05pm

Kids yoga is back for another term on our regular timetable. This class is great for introducing kids to yoga, helping them gain resilience and understand and to love their bodies. Radhika’s playful and energetic approach will inspire your kids and give them some much needed time to connect inwardly.

Special kids rates apply with a 5 class pass for $75 and a casual pass for $18.
Casual and drop in attendance available.
Book via our regular timetable here.

Covid Reminder

Covid is still with us so please take care of yourself and others.
Please remember to book in on Entry to the studio with the Check-in CBR QR code. There are 4 around the entrance to the studio.
Please do not attend class if you are sick and clean your hands and all shared props.
Thank you for your cooperation.

As always I hope you are doing well and are not being too badly affected by the current lockdown situations in NSW. I know it may have stuffed up many school holiday plans. Hopefully, it has opened up some more personal time for you and your family.


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