Sadly, this month, I had a death in the family. It hit us pretty hard and my own emotional journey has been deep and difficult.

When someone we love passes, our own mortality is brought clearly into view. Questions arise as to the true nature of it all. Emotions run wild and a certainty of the cycle of life and death creates clarity in some aspects of our existence and blurs others. What we believe in, what is important to us and our boundaries might become as clear as day. Or we might spiral into the “what if.”

Thankfully my yoga practice has kept me in a place where I have been able to stay steady, to be clear about what is important and to be able to recalibrate my thoughts, my emotions and my life. I have been able to connect to my inner self, maybe more than ever before as I faced the reality of this passing. I have been able to stay in the NOW and find comfort and peace.

After my last post, where I began my exploration of the sutras again, Jon Smillie contacted me with some thoughts. They rang so true for me and I wanted to share them with you too.

He writes:

Sutra 1:3

When that is accomplished,
the seer abides in its own true nature.

Sutra 1:4

Otherwise, at other times, the seer
is absorbed in the changing states of the mind.

Somehow mourning a loved one helps us connect with this truth and consider our “true nature”. Taking time in quiet contemplation, being present in our grief and the raw truth of life we see our true nature and when we do not connect inwards we are slaves to the changing states of the mind.

It is time NOW to reconnect. It is time to recalibrate. It is time to find what serves your highest self.

Find time to let yourself BE and still the fluctuations of the mind through yoga or contemplative practice.

Covid has made us disconnect, shy away from others, stay closed up at home in a bubble of disconnection and fear.