When the roundabout is spinning
and we want to get off,
how do we do it?

It won’t slow down, it won’t stop spinning. Sometimes it slows a bit and we think maybe now, but we know if we jump we might get hurt, if we hesitate we will miss our chance. Often times it just keeps going faster and faster, we feel sick and full of dread. We start to loose our grip and feel as though we are going to get thrown off the edge. Where we land is anyone guess.

It can feel like there is just now where to go and nothing we can do, we just keep spinning and spinning, completely out of control and just holding on as best we can. But there must be a way, this can’t be what we are meant to do, just spin through life out of control.

One way is to move to the centre, to become the pole in the centre to which everything spins around. Each time we move ourselves closer to the centre we anchor ourselves into the strength of the energy that is causing the spinning. We connect to that place where we can become stable and strong and soon enough we can become the stillness at the centre and the vortex of energy and circumstance spin around us.

Coming home to ourselves, connecting with spirit and our true nature helps us become that anchor, that pole in the centre.

Yoga asana practice, meditation and being in service to others are tools to help us come back to our centre, they help us to connect inwardly, to feel rooted and stable, they help fill up our energetic cup, revitalising our mind, body and spirit. From this point of deep connection we can have a bit more control of our spin, choosing whether to slow down or speed up. We become the ride, rather than a passenger on the it.

Now is the time to step onto the mat and let your yoga practice help you recalibrate, recenter and find the calm quiet place within yourself.

If you have stepped away from your practice we would love to see you again because we know how good this yoga thing really is, we know how much it helps us to stay in the centre, to be the driver of our thoughts, feeling and actions.

Let us help you find that strength and connection too.
Our teaching team is completely invested in helping you become the best version of yourself you can possibly be, you just need to step onto your mat to being the journey.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Canberra Yoga Space acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people.
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