If there is one thing we all know, it’s that change is inevitable. Things will always change. It’s nature, it’s evolution, it’s out of our control.

The human experience of change can be challenging. Sometimes we are the instigators of change, both good things, and difficult things. Sometimes change is thrust upon us out of the blue, blind-siding and abrupt. Sometimes things change and we don’t even notice. We only realize on reflection and see in hindsight the thousands of ways life and self change moment by moment, in constant flow and cycle.

On the mat, change shows up all the time. Every time we come to the mat we are different: our bodies can feel different, our range of movement can feel different, our mental state can feel different. These changes give us the opportunity to observe outcomes without attachment. It’s this subtle detachment, the embrace of the observing mind, that allows us to open up to all manifestations of the practice and allows us to glimpse our true nature; the deeper pure consciousness and connective energy of all that is.

If we embrace this knowing and allow ourselves to flow with the natural movement of life, and the many changes life brings us, we can be in harmony and less resistant, thus easing the path of daily life. This detachment gives us some objectivity and freedom from the ups and downs, the triggers and fluctuations, that can send us in a spin and leave us feeling low and disconnected.

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