Pause to Take Effective Action

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Pause to Take Effective Action

Sometimes we need to step back, take pause, let the dust settle before we can move forward, take action and be effective.

This summer break has hopefully given you a chance to take that pause, recharge your batteries so that now we can move into February and the year with a feeling of inspiration and invigoration.

However, we don’t need to wait for a holiday or stress about carving out time to re-energise. We have the capacity to do this every day. A short and regular meditation practice can help us to let the dust settle, can help to recharge the battery and connect us to that space that is greater than ourselves. This quiet space each day can help us find perspective, clear out the cobwebs of conditioning and thought allowing a greater capacity to take positive effective action in life.

It’s not hard to find the time either and it doesn’t have to take long. 3 – 5mins a day to sit quietly is all it takes to start to feel the benefits. Following are a few simple tips that might help you establish a daily meditation practice.

Are you a morning person or an evening person? Start by working out if you can find 5 mins in the morning or evening. You might find that it’s easier to get up and sit for 5 mins in the morning to invigorate and start your day or perhaps you want to use it as a wind-down at the end of your day. You might try a week of morning practice and a week of evening practice and see what works better for you. I started out with 10mins each evening before bed, this worked really well for me and sent me off to sleep with a clearer mind and a more restful sleep. I then tried 5 mins in the morning to complete my morning workout. I now have a regular morning and evening practice. They are short but constant and effective. I don’t feel pressured that I “have to do them” but rather look forward to this time to rest and check-in.

Once you have worked out which time you will try, commit to 3-5 mins each day. Set a timer for your chosen time, find a comfortable seat, either in a chair or on the floor. I suggest a seated practice to being with so you don’t fall asleep. I also would suggest somewhere other than your bedroom if possible.

Start your timer and take a few deep breaths. Begin to focus on your breath. You might take a few breaths lengthening your exhalation and then just settle into a natural pace of breath. Relax, allow yourself to just be there with no pressure and let the dust settle. If your mind is busy, just notice that. There is no need to judge, just notice “my mind and thoughts are busy”. When the timer goes off you are done, move on with your day or head to bed. In time you might add some declarations, affirmations or mantras or you might begin to create some ritual around how you do things, maybe light a candle or have some phrases you use, it’s totally up to you.

The 3 mins might turn into 5 or 10 mins or more but don’t let there be any pressure around the practice, just start by creating time and space for the practice, be consistent, take the time each day and the rest will unfold.

Establishing a daily meditation practice has been transformative for me, I hope it is for you too. You can also join me on Friday evening at 6:30 for meditation and sound release. This session is free or by donation and all proceeds go towards sound therapy instruments and books for the studio library. Spaces are limited, book your place click here.

What’s happening this month at CYS

There is actually so much going on in Feb and March,
feels like old times!

Thai Yoga Massage Training

with guest teacher Dani Mondahl

I am excited to announce that we are able to welcome Dani Mondahl back to Canberra for Thai Yoga Massage training. If you have ever considered a side career in massage, want to enhance your massage skills or just be able to offer something wonderful to your friends, family or clients then this training might be just the right thing for you. Thai massage is a beautiful and nurturing style of massage to give and receive. It is done with cloths on and is a wonderful way to give some compassionate touch. So many people are craving contact these days but might not feel comfortable to take cloths off for an oil massage so this is a great way to care for you clients, build your practice and give a truly beautiful and relaxing massage. This Thai massage is a Northern Thailand style of massage, it is gentle but still offers the assisted stretching components associated with Thai massage. It is deeply relaxing and energetic and can provide much needed sense of healing to your clients.

I did this training with Dani in 2019 and love both giving and receiving this massage. If you are interested in the training but want to try the massage first you can book in with both Elena and myself for a massage either at the studio or in our home practices. Feel free to contact me here to arrange a massage with either of us. Pregnancy Thai massage is also available.

For more information on the training or to talk to Dani about it click here. 

Yoga For Resilience

with Kendra Boone

Kendra Boone of Kendra Healing Arts is back in the studio and teaching her small group Yoga Therapy course Yoga For Resilience each Friday at 9:30am. Yoga for Resilience is a wonderful course that helps to “build the muscle of resilience” exploring slow considered movement to gain greater clarity and a clearer sense of identity, meaning and purpose, followed by a 30min Yoga Nidra.

This course is not part of our Canberra Yoga Space timetable so all booking are through Kendra Healing Arts.

For more details of the course and Kendra’s wonderful work click here.

Pre and Postnatal Yoga at CYS

Pre and Postnatal (Mums-n-Bubs) Yoga are back. This is a great way to connect and prepare your body for birthing and motherhood. Prenatal yoga has been shown to help keep your body comfortable throughout pregnancy and prepare you for birthing both mentally and physically. My 10 week Prenatal and Postnatal courses combine my love of anatomy, functional movement, yoga and therapeutic practice to make them complete support packages for mum both during pregnancy and beyond. With helpful tips and great resources, I highly recommend maintaining or even starting a yoga practice during pregnancy.

There are still a few spots left in class so to book your place click here. Feel free to pass on the link to someone who may benefit from the course.

I am thrilled to offer to our students the pregnancy journal “Feelosphy of Birth” by Brooke Martin. This beautiful journal is full of wonderful tips and insights for mother-to-be to document and explore the journey of pregnancy and birth. It is a beautiful resource and keepsake for both mum and bub.

Kids Yoga at CYS

with Radhika

Kids Yoga can be a great way to help your kids learn about their body, connect with others and develop skills for life. We have tried a few times to run kids classes and have decided to give it another go this year. This class is best suited for kids aged 7- 12 and is a relaxed and fun experience. We have created a special 5 week program and a special rate of just $75 for the 5 weeks. Casual drop in welcome at our regular class rate of $22. To book please create a profile for your child and book in under their name. To purchase your special Kids Yoga Pass click this link. Spaces are limited to 15 so booking are essential.

When: Each Monday from 1st – 29th March (5 week course)
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Click the link to book your kids in today!

Myofascial Self Massage Workshop

with Elena

Have you every had some myofascial massage, used a fam roller or a ball to release tight spots or trigger points. It can be great way to reduce pain and release tightness in the body.
After more wonderful training and trying these techniques on herself with great success Elena is presenting a workshop on Myofascial release to show you how to do this for yourself. This workshop is available both F2F and Online and will no doubt have you moving and feeling better.

When: 21st March 2021
Time: 11:30am -2:00pm
Cost: $75
Click this link to book you please.
Be sure to select the correct delivery mode F2F or Online (The link will be sent in the reservation email, make sure you have you email notifications switched ON)

Bend So Your Don’t Break

A backhanding workshop for all with Kat Sadler

In this workshop, we will have a brief look at the relevant anatomy and will then explore different movements and yoga postures to regain mobility through the shoulders, hips and spine. We will also look at fundamental alignment techniques and the all-important interplay between prana and apana to allow you to practice backbends safely and with ease.
This workshop is open to all students of yoga. Postures will be available in both gentle variations as well as deeper versions.

When: 28th March 2021
Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm
Cost: $55
Click the link to book your place.

As always, thank you for continuing to practice all covid safe guild lines while in the studio. Please continue to clean all shared props as best you can, bring a towel to place over soft props and remember having your own mat is best. It can become a sanctuary for you.

You can purchase Yoga mats, blocks and straps very easily and inexpensively from many places, Kmart etc or sporting stores have a good range. We have sustainable Cork blocks for sale at the studio for $30. These are high quality renewable cork and lovely to use. Purple Yoga mats are also available for $25.

Should you be interested in these or any other props please feel free to email me here.

Have a wonderful February and please let me know if you have questions, comments or feedback.


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