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Welcome Spring and new beginnings. We can begin the big thaw and embarrass the blooming. I hope your winter was mild and the internal reflection time it offered was productive. I know for me it was a wonderful winter culminating in a significant family event that was a year and a half in preparation and the most joyous, healing experience that went beyond expectation in the pleasure and bonding it created.

I can now focus again all my attention on Canberra Yoga Space and I am excited!
I have some wonderful plans for the studio moving into the new year and we have some wonderful workshops just around the corner. Following are the upcoming events and more details about timetable changes during the beginning of October when we have some guest teacher workshops. If you have been thinking about booking in to any of the workshops I recommend you do so sooner rather than later.

The time for procrastination is over. If you have been putting anything off in your life now is a great time to just dive on in and give it a go. The only time is NOW, yet why do we dwell, ruminate and procrastinate. If we listen to our gut and behave with consciousness, rather than be driven by subconscious patterning, we will always follow the path that speaks to our true nature. Letting go will always open up space for the new to unfold.

Sivananda Yoga

Some of you may have met Radhika by now as she had filled in some classes and I am very happy to announce that she will have a class early (6:45am – 8:00am) on Saturday mornings starting in early October (before Pippa’s class). Radhika follows the linage of Sivananda Yoga which may be different to how you may have practiced in the past. Sivananda is a classical and traditional style of yoga and I have very excited for this action to CYS.
Following is a more detailed description by Radhika:
The teaching lineage of Sivananda Yoga can be traced back many hundreds of years to the great sage Adi Sankaracharya (788-802 CE). The teachings have been passed from guru to disciple in an unbroken chain to the present day.
The International Sivananda Yoga is dedicated to the teaching of classical yoga and Vedanta to promote physical, mental and spiritual health.
Sivananda Yoga centres were founded by Swami Vishnudevananda on instructions of his guru Swami Sivananda.
Swami Vishnudevananda has made the yogic teachings accessible to all through simple yoga discipline, breaking down the practice into easily understood and practical five points:

  • Proper Exercise – Asanas
  • Proper Breathing – Pranayama
  • Proper Relaxation – Savasana
  • Proper Diet – vegetarian diet
  • Positive Thinking – Vedanta and Meditation – Dhyana

A well-balanced yoga practice is achievable by those sincerely seeking for change in their lives.
Radhika Gupta an experienced Hatha Yoga – Sivananda Yoga teacher follows this lineage and its classical way of teaching to help people not just physically but also mentally and spiritually.
Her teaching comprises of Pranayama practices (breathing exercise) followed by Sun salutations and classical asanas that include a variety of sitting, standing and inverted postures.
She works extensively with individuals, coaching and supporting them to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. Radhika integrates her intuition and creativity with a focused and systematic approach.

Spring challenge

Fiona’s Spring Challenge starting on the 23rd September and culminating in a Blindfold workshop on the 27th October. Join Fiona for at least 1 class a week for 5 weeks in her Knoff yoga class, moving through a layered sequence and the practicing this sequence blindfolded to heighten your senses and body awareness. This is a great way to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. The blindfold class will be roughly 2 hours and cost $40. Book you place here.

Myths, Meditation and Relaxation

Come along to our Myths, Meditation and Relaxation workshop on Sunday 20th October at 11.45am and join Katie for an afternoon of gentle restorative yoga and storytelling!  For 2.5 hours, you will be relaxing in gentle restorative floor based poses while Katie tells you the stories of some well known and lesser known Goddesses, before moving into a meditation for each of the Goddesses. You will also reflect about what those stories mean for your yoga practice today. This will be magical way to spend some time.   Cost is $45. There is only 1 spot left so book your place here.

Yin Yoga Workshops

This workshop is aimed at yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners. We will spend 2.5 hours exploring the application of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness as a way of nourishing and supporting the physical and energetic bodies, as well as the mind, during the season of Spring.
We will engage in a Yin Yoga sequence for balancing the Wood element during Spring (including focusing on the Liver and Gallbladder meridians). We will also explore ways of adapting and modifying the postures to account for skeletal variations and differences in body type as well as ways of supporting injuries while practicing.
Please bring a notebook and pen – this workshop is a mix of practice and theory to inspire your practice and refine your teaching skills. You will take home with you a seasonal handout with an adaptable/variable yin yoga sequence for Spring that you can use to help plan classes, as well as seasonal tips for embracing Spring in your yoga practice and daily life. Book your place today.


• Yin • Pranayama • Meditation •
Join Sarah Owen this Spring for The Quiet Session – a 2.5 hr workshop focusing on Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Allow the ‘white noise’ of society to drop away as we practice a gentle Yin Yoga sequence for Spring (balancing Liver and Gall Bladder meridians – the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine), as well as exploring Pranayama for relaxation, and Meditation & Self-Inquiry for clarity and contentment. As the abundance of Spring abounds, revel in The Quiet. Book your place today.

“When we invite ourselves to become Quiet, we are actually inviting the quiet whispers of our own truths to be heard.”

Sarah Owen

Thai Yoga Massage Training

Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage by Dani is coming on the 10th – 13th October 2019. Dani is joining us from Queensland for this fabulous 4-day workshop which is suitable for anyone wanting to give the gift of compassionate touch. This is an amazing way of giving nurturing touch and massage in a way that is compassionate and caring, all done with cloths on. You do not need any prior training to attend, just a willingness to learn and an open heart to give joy and relaxation to others. For more details, click the link or visit our FB event page. Or visit this link to book your place.

Dani will also be here for a very special small group Prenatal Thai yoga Massage training on the 14th – 15th October, open to those who have completed Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage or those already working with pregnant women. Spots are very limited so book in early to ensure you have your place. For more details, click here or visit our FB event page or visit this link. There is a wonderful video on the FB event page with Dani explaining all about her training and this fantastic course. I highly recommend it to anyone working in the care industry or with an interest into moving into this field. You will not regret it. Early bird closes soon so book your spot today.

Please note for these 2 guest teacher workshops there will be some temporary changes to our regular timetable. These changes will be detailed in the next newsletter and on FB and Instagram before the start of October. The beginners classes will remain as scheduled. There will be open classes in the early morning and after 5pm on the affected days. 

I am very pleased to announce that we will be hosting Faye Levine from Five Forks Wellness on Sunday 10th November with Long Live a Healthy Appetite. This 2 hour Sunday workshop is a way of looking at food and eating through a yoga lens. Starting with a 45min yoga practice, followed by a presentation on nutrition and good eating habits and finishing with a tasty plant based treat that you get to make and more importantly eat! Faye is an experienced yoga teach having taught both in Australia and internationally as well as a Dietician with some great insights and ideas as to how to have a healthy relationship with food and nutrition. This is going to be a wonderful and informative event. Cost $45 For more details click the link and book you place. Book in here.

So that’s all for this month, I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and rejoicing in your practice and the other blessings of your life. Remember happiness is a choice and even when things are bleak we can choose to find the lessons, joy and growth or we can choose to wallow in the drama and frustration.

“Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom”


I look forward to seeing you on the mat and at some of these wonderful events.
Please come and join me on Friday night for Meditation at 6:30pm, I have taken to playing the singing bowls and am very happy to announce that soon we will have a full set of Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls to bathe us all in healing sound. If you have never had this experience before, I highly recommend it. Sound is a wonderful healing tool helping to align the vibration of your body and quite the fluctuations of the mind.

Wishing you all the very best.

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