How do we deal with disappointment?

So much of the last few years we have faced a collective disappointment with the arrival of Covid. We have all been disrupted and our daily lives altered to deal with the pandemic.

In our own ways we have used our coping mechanisms and tried to make the most of the situation, we have worked together to support the needs of the greater good and we have done an amazing job. Thankfully, now we can see some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of getting back to some kind of normal life.

How do we deal with personal disappointment? How do we deal with working towards something only to have it not go quite as we might have hoped?

Often our first response is toward anger and blame or maybe we withdraw and shut down, maybe we just blow it off and move forward. No matter what our initial response is, inevitably all we need is time to be able to process and if we look more deeply at the mechanisms of disappointment we might learn a lot about ourselves.

For me disappointment gives rise to feelings of being let down and overlooked, it shows me levels of grasping and trying to fit things into boxes or for everything to have its place and order. When I face things not going “the way I want” it is a reminder of my sense of lack and this is what creates the uncomfortable reactivity within me.

But on deeper reflection and with time I can see that disappointment can actually be a gift to help us look at what is important, to help us treasure the processes of life and the present moment. If we can turn our attention to what we have achieved or created, to those people around us that we love then we can transform the feelings of disappointment into feelings of gratitude. We can trust in the flow of life itself to have us right where we need to be, in the present moment. We can take comfort in the truth that we actually have no control over life and thus what a true gift it is.

The only thing we really can have sovereignty over are our thoughts, intentions and choices. If we apply ourselves from a space of inner Santosha /Contentment of our thoughts and intentions, then we cannot be thrown about by the disruptions and disappointments of life as easily.

Thank you to everyone who sent me such beautiful testimonials, you really showed me how much CYS means to you all and give me the drive and inspiration to not give up during these tough times. Sadly we did not progress through to the Finals of the Telstra Best of Business Awards, but to get to stage 3 was a big achievement non the less. Most importantly I learned that I work well under pressure and that we have such a wonderful community and really are making a difference in the lives of that community. I learned we do not need recognition or reassurance for the work we do, we simply need to serve and provide space for us all to feel connected to ourselves, to recharge and revitalise ourselves on the deep levels yoga provides and from this place we can create the lives we want from a place of inner abundance and this is a real gift.